Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The cat's out of the bag


Yes the cat's out of the bag well should I say the cat's out of the RV. Yes yesterday we departed the last of all three of our cat's. I really miss them and it has only been one day. All though I may have not cared for them as much as the rest of the family I think they Made the RV feel more homily.But coco is still hear and she is good so she will have to do.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Far to long


Yes it has been far to long since my last post but sadly nothing new to blog about. Still had fun with Zoe and her family. Did a lot of Disney with them and just a lot of hanging out. We just got back down to peace river and the Evans should be here in a few days. We plan to do some cool stuff here in Peace river with them therefore I should have some good blogging materiel. Also we are heading out of Florida pretty soon so that should as well be good blogging materiel. Until then we are playing pickleball and having a great time!