Monday, May 31, 2010

Pickleball Tournament at Chesapeake Bay


Yesterday was the first annual Memorial Day pickleball tournament at Thousand trails Chesapeake bay Va. It was such a great day. The way it was set up was that you signed up with a partner instead of having a different one every game. I signed up with Karen and i liked having the same partner every game a lot better. Mike and Michelle hosted the whole thing a did a great job with it. The "Bracket" system confused the heck out of me but Michelle did it great. We knew most of the players there but saw some new faces. As far as the teams in our family went it was, My mom and my Aunt Diana, My dad and Uncle Daryl, My brother and John who he had just met that day and Karen and I.

Aric played great. He and his partner took first in their bracket.

My mom and Aunt Diana took second in their bracket.

My dad and Uncle Daryl took First in their bracket.

And Karen and I played against Jack and Diane in the championship game which was the final game that everyone watched. It was pretty nerve racking for all of us but it was a really good game. In the end Jack and Diane took the place of runner up in the Championship bracket which means Karen and I were the overall champions. I had a blast and could not believe Karen and I took 1st and the Biggest trophy of all. A thanks to Karen for playing with me and played very very well i might add i really cannot thank her enough. And thanks to Rich who helped me learn to play the game a lot better this past winter. And thanks to everyone who has helped me over the time i have been playing the game. What a day of fun!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back to Back Busch Gardens


The past two days have been filled with Busch Gardens. For those of you who have never heard of Busch Gardens it is a huge theme park filled with fun shows,rides and huge roller coasters. The first day the whole family went and Aric and I forked off from my parents and did the roller coasters. The second day Aric and I went back without our parents. It was fun but about half a hour into the day i lost my mom's phone. We went on the rest of the day doing our fun stuff and retraced our steps along the way and went to lost and found and filled out a lost phone slip with all our info. Today we are going back for day three for a thing called "ramp jam" it is a BMX bike riding show. We will be sure to ask at lost and found if they found the phone since yesterday. But if they have not that won't stop us from having fun!