Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thousand Trails Employee Dinner


Last night was the Thousand Trails Employee Christmas dinner. They served all sorts of pasta's including, fettuccine, lasagna, rigatoni, veal parmesan, and sausage with onions and peppers. Every single dish was absolutely wonderful. My brother and his boss Becky cooked it all and defiantly over did themselves . We all sat and ate and talked and had a wonderful time! The more we are here the more we are becoming friends with more and more people and the staff here really is like one big family. We like it here a lot more than we thought we would and it is great. In other news not to much going on apart from Thousand Trails things. One new thing that did happen is that we got a new dog named Ava. We are not completely sure what breed she is but she is a very sweet dog and is as cute as can be! She was a early Christmas gift for the family. I also received a new cell phone from my Sister as a early Christmas gift which I am also enjoying very much! We are beginning to feel the holidays upon us and hope everyone else is to!

Here is Everyone Enjoying the Delicious meals

And here is our new dog Ava!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Second Orlando happy hour!


Tonight was the second happy hour this winter here in Orlando. It was hosted by Richard and Diane Mattsen who decided to host said happy hour last minute. They were great hosts and we thank you. Today was also Rich's (Pagliaro) birthday and he and Dee came for a while then went out to eat. Tomorrow is the Christmas dinner thousand trails is having. I cannot believe Christmas is almost here. I am looking forward to Christmas and the new year and for more friends to arrive in FL. I hope everyone is staying warm and are looking forward to the holidays!

Here we have (left to right) Vicki, Bob, Dee,Mira,Rene,Rich.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Happy Hour in Orlando!!


Last night was our first happy hour in Orlando! After Jack & Diane arrived we knew it would not be long before a happy hour! So after me asking if and when a happy hour could be arranged Diane picked the warmest day of the week and set the date! We had a great time talking, eating, and drinking! It is so great to be surrounded by such nice and loving friends for the holiday season. I cannot wait until the next happy hour and would like to thank Diane for hosting this one and inviting us!