Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pickle ball tournament!


Today we had a pickle ball tournament in our campground. My dad hosted it and Rich and Stan helped. We didn't really have one bad player everyone was at least intermediate. And we had some good volleys. I did not like how long it lasted! It seemed like it lasted a lot longer then it did! But it was a really fun time. In woman's Sally came in first , Diane second, And Barb Third. In men's Mike came in first, Dave second, And i made third. I asked them to recount the scores and make sure i was third. Seeing how Stan and my dad are better then me it didn't make sense how i would beat them. But turn's out I barely beat them. All in all a good tournament. And it's only 3 o' clock. I still have a whole new year's eve to celebrate!

Donna and Barb

Me and Ken

Everyone afterwords

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Freezing Florida


Today was by far the coldest day since we've been in Florida. It was coldddd today, my dad Say's it was in the 30's this morning! And this may not be cold to most of you. But i am still a Floridian and to us it's really cold! So i will be dressing a lot warmer tomorrow!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bowling day!


Today i got up in time (finally) to play pickle ball and while we where down there playing we we're invited to bowling. so we went home, ate ,and were on our way. And needless to say we had a great time! It was hosted by another campground but they invited the group at our campground. So it ended up being one campground against another. Ken and Faye came and were both excellent players and so were a lot of other people there. And our family are not great bowlers , not horrible , but not great.However Stan and Sally were their and Stan and Ken gave me a lesson on how to bowl. And well my first game was 96 then Stan and Ken gave me the lesson then i bowled 75 then i really got it down and bowled 150 so I improved! So now i have a better idea on how to bowl properly i cannot wait until next Monday!

Stan and Sally

Me getting ready to hit some pins

Tons of fun. A long, tiring day but tons of fun!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Me , My life , And my bolg!


Hello! My name is Austin Showalter and me and my family travel the US and live in a RV (5th wheel) full time. I myself am only 14 so please excuse me if i write bad, but my mom blog's about our traveling and well i am blogging about our life form my point of view! So as i said we live in a 5th wheel, we sold our 5 bedroom house in Boca Raton, FL to buy and live in a RV. This idea was my parents, about 2 years ago and well it's been one heck of a ride! We started our first year by going up the east coast hitting every single state on the east coast which was fun. Then we spent our winter in FL for holidays with family and then stayed in FL until spring. then this past year our real fun began when we traveled the west coast taking the "Southern Rout" of the US from Florida all the way to California then up the west coast up to WA and some other places along the way , and for the past Two years up until about a month ago i hated this traveling , and if i had the same perspective i did a month ago i would not be blogging at all, do to all you would hear is complaining, but i now see things in a different way. I really wish i would have started blogging when we started traveling but hey better now then never! For those interested in our traveling from the past two years please check out my mom's blog at,

But today i start my blog we are now in FL and our traveling the east coast again this next year (2010) so feel free to join us by reading my and or my mom's blog!