Monday, August 16, 2010

Cellina, Ohio


Right now we are in Celina Ohio doing a job my dad got for this next week. It is a pretty nice area and we are close to town which is nice. Yesterday we went to the fair in a near by town and saw The British Invasion which is a Beatles cover band. It was fun and the band was pretty good I say "pretty good" because they did not come close to The Fab Four another Beatles cover band my Dad and I saw last year. But none the less they were fun to watch and Aric and I got a kick out of them. This upcoming Sunday we head to Michigan and get to pick up my oldest sister and she is staying with us for a week. I am very exited to do that and I will also get to see my family on my Mom's side which i do not see very often. I think it will be very fun I am looking forward to it.