Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sea world!

Yesterday we went to sea world and had a fantastic time! We went with my aunt and two cousin's and invited my friend Zoe. Me and my oldest cousin and Zoe broke off to go have some fun doing a bunch of stuff. Then we went and had lunch and then me and Zoe went off to the roller coaster's. One was shut down for the day but we rode the other two. They were a lot of fun and i'm glad i had a friend to ride with me to! Then Zoe had to meet up with her Grandpa so she left. We hung out a little longer. Then left and went to pick up my uncle and went out to eat! We went to O' Charlies and it was good! I ordered homemade strawberry lemonade and was so thirsty i drank four glasses! They were so good and the waitress brought me out the last two at the same time. She said so i didn't have to wait for a refill. It was a great day!


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