Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Daryl!

Today was Daryl's birthday as to how old he is i will not say because everyone will be jealous of his looks at his age. Yesterday we had a birthday party for him and my dad due to the fact my dad's birthday is May 1st there fore might as well kill two bird with one stone. It was a fun party we had steak and potato skins and soda and cake and it was great. Today on Daryl's actual birthday him and his family went out and about and then tonight we played pickle ball with him and my Aunt. I would also like to add a lot has happened such as this since my last blog including a cook out with Dean and Margie, Hanging out with Daryl and Diana and a lot of pickle ball. But i am getting back on top of the blog! And once again Happy birthday to Daryl!


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