Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We Are Settled!

We have settled down In Thousand Trails Clermont FL for about a year and a half until I leave home. My brother Aric got a job working in the store here. And we are pretty excited for many reasons. One is My Brother and I And hopefully My Dad are getting motorcycles. That of which I am sure will bring forth new adventures. Another thing Is we all plan on working which should be another new adventure. My dad already has a job interview at a law firm for a job and my mom thinks she has job lined up and my brother already has one and I am still hunting. But I sure soon enough we will all have a job which will be something new (Mostly for Me). My parents are having a harder time of the thought of not traveling then my brother and I, Hopefully they will adjust to it okay. I hope we have some new activities and adventures here for me to blog about.

Living life in one place!


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