Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pickle ball tournament!

Today we had a pickle ball tournament in our campground. My dad hosted it and Rich and Stan helped. We didn't really have one bad player everyone was at least intermediate. And we had some good volleys. I did not like how long it lasted! It seemed like it lasted a lot longer then it did! But it was a really fun time. In woman's Sally came in first , Diane second, And Barb Third. In men's Mike came in first, Dave second, And i made third. I asked them to recount the scores and make sure i was third. Seeing how Stan and my dad are better then me it didn't make sense how i would beat them. But turn's out I barely beat them. All in all a good tournament. And it's only 3 o' clock. I still have a whole new year's eve to celebrate!

Donna and Barb

Me and Ken

Everyone afterwords


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