Friday, December 25, 2009

Me , My life , And my bolg!

Hello! My name is Austin Showalter and me and my family travel the US and live in a RV (5th wheel) full time. I myself am only 14 so please excuse me if i write bad, but my mom blog's about our traveling and well i am blogging about our life form my point of view! So as i said we live in a 5th wheel, we sold our 5 bedroom house in Boca Raton, FL to buy and live in a RV. This idea was my parents, about 2 years ago and well it's been one heck of a ride! We started our first year by going up the east coast hitting every single state on the east coast which was fun. Then we spent our winter in FL for holidays with family and then stayed in FL until spring. then this past year our real fun began when we traveled the west coast taking the "Southern Rout" of the US from Florida all the way to California then up the west coast up to WA and some other places along the way , and for the past Two years up until about a month ago i hated this traveling , and if i had the same perspective i did a month ago i would not be blogging at all, do to all you would hear is complaining, but i now see things in a different way. I really wish i would have started blogging when we started traveling but hey better now then never! For those interested in our traveling from the past two years please check out my mom's blog at,

But today i start my blog we are now in FL and our traveling the east coast again this next year (2010) so feel free to join us by reading my and or my mom's blog!



little castle said...

Too cool, dude!

Becky said...

Austin, so glad you started this blog! Our family started living in an RV this year. It's been a big adjustment for everyone, but I think especially hard for my son, Ben (13). I'm going to let him know about your blog; maybe he'll share some of your perspectives and enjoy getting to know someone else his age who's been dragged along on this adventure by his parents! :)

DDonald said...

Austin, - Welcome to the world of Blogging. Rich and I have so much enjoyed meeting you and your family, and we think you are just awesome!!We're sure you'll be just as successful on this blog as you are on the pickleball court, the bowling alley and your Jam Sessions. Know you don't go for that country stuff - but loved your first show!!! We've already jumped on as followers, and hope you'll do the same with ours. Rich said to tell you he'll come down and do drills with you on the PB courts any time. Rich and Donna

unschoolermom said...

Congratulations on the new blog! Can't wait to continue reading it.


P & C said...

We just found your blog via FayE and Kens Highway Runner
We will follow
P & C
Sorry we miss you on the west coast as you got there and left before we got to Calif.

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